Home Movie This is the most illegally downloaded movie of 2016

This is the most illegally downloaded movie of 2016

Superhero films lead the way in the pirating world


The most illegally downloaded movie of 2016 has been revealed – and it’s none other than the merc with a mouth, Deadpool.

Ryan Reynold’s film had a small budget of $58million for the blockbuster but brought in shocking $780million at the box office.

However, many people chose to watch the film through illegal streams and downloads instead of paying to watch it at the cinema or at home on DVD or Blu Ray.


Pirate: Deadpool was the most illegally downloaded film in 2016 | MARVEL

Superhero films proved to be the most popular downloads of the year with Ben Affleck’s Batman vs. Superman the second most illegally downloaded film.

Third was Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War with Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Finding Dory following after.

Further down the list also included X-Men: Apocolypse and Suicide Squad, which was considered a cinematic failure by many critics.