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Fans think they’ve figured out why Kylie Jenner named her baby Stormi

The reality star revealed her baby's name earlier this week


This day last week, Kylie Jenner quite literally broke the internet by announcing that she welcomed a baby girl on February 1st with Travis Scott.

The 20-year-old subsequently revealed on Instagram that she named her baby Stormi Webster – and fans think they’ve figured out why.

The theory is related to the Butterfly Effect – which is the idea that the wind movement created by the flapping of a butterflies wings can eventually cause a storm.

The theory definitely makes sense, as Kylie and Travis’ butterfly obsession is pretty apparent.

Stormi’s nursery is covered in butterflies, Kylie frequently wears butterfly jewellery, Kylie and Travis have matching butterfly tattoos, and Travis literally released a song called ‘Butterfly Effect’ last year.

As well as that, Kylie’s mother Kris Jenner posted to Instagram on February 2, the day after Kylie gave birth, sharing a picture of Kylie Cosmetics’ limited edition trio to celebrate the second anniversary of the shade Posie K – which many think is short for Mariposa (the Spanish for Butterfly).

A source also confirmed to E! News that the baby’s name “has some hidden meaning of a butterfly.”

“Kylie decorated the baby’s nursery in white, baby pink and there are butterfly accents. Butterflies mean a lot to both Travis and Kylie and it’s a symbol of their relationship and something special that they have created together,” the insider said.

In another interesting twist, Kylie previously admitted to being “terrified” of butterflies on her E! docu-series Life of Kylie last year.

In a scene during a trip to the butterfly exhibit at the London Zoo with Jordyn Woods and Victoria Villarroel, Kylie said, “I’m scared if one lands on me.”

“Butterflies are just a part of the secrets of Kylie,” Kylie later says in a confessional. “It’s kind of just ironic because I’m terrified, terrified of butterflies. All butterflies.”

“This is how I think of them, cut the wings off and if you just look at their bodies, they’re not that pretty. It’s literally a bug,” she added.