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EXCLUSIVE! Red Rock's Jane McGrath: 'I was worried what Gardai would think of the show'


Red Rock star Jane McGrath has admitted she was worried about how real life Gardai would respond to her character in the show.

The actress who plays Garda Sharon Cleere in the TV3 soap admitted she wasn’t sure how well the Gardai would respond.

“We’ve been having brilliant responses,” she told Goss.ie.

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Goodbye: Peter McKenna left the soap after one series

“I was worried about what the guards might think that watch the show but apparently they are very happy with it,

“Cause we want to make it as authentic as possible because I am playing a guard. I want more people to believe the world we are in and they do believe it,” she explained.

Meanwhile Jane admitted creator Peter McKenna was “the God” of the TV3 soap.

Peter left the soap after just one series and Jane, who plays Garda Sharon Cleere, says that she misses the former Eastenders writer.

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“I really miss Peter because obviously he’s the God of the show so we’ve been there from the very beginning,” she told Goss.ie.

“We talked to him about characters, story lines coming up and for each of the characters and everything.”

“He’s been gone a month now and I do miss him but we are still carrying on, it’s been fine, still going so that’s a good thing,” she explained.