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Keith Barry reveals he hypnotised his wife during CHILDBIRTH


Keith Barry has revealed he has hypnotised his wife Mairead before – during childbirth.

The magician is widely known for his abilities to hypnotise members of the public and not even his family is safe from the Waterford native’s tricks.

“I did hypnotise her for the birth of her second child so she didn’t use any epidural. That’s the only time I’ve ever really hypnotised her,” he told Goss.ie.

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Helping hand: Keith hypnotised Mairead for the birth of their second child | BRIAN MCEVOY

“She’s a big advocate for it, she would recommend it to anyone. It’s really about pain management when you’re hypnotising somebody for a birth.”

“Hypnobirth is not for everybody, it’s an alternative that works for a lot of people,” he explained.

It’s not the first time the TV star has hypnotised someone close to him.

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Trickster: Keith used to hypnotise friends in school | VIPIRELAND.COM

The mentalist told Goss.ie he used to hypnotise his sister and his school pals when he was a kid.

“I started with my sister and it didn’t really work on her. Then I hypnotised a guy in my Irish class, I got him to do all these crazy things and he got intro trouble,” he said.

“He was running around the class like a chicken. I gave him my pamphlet on hypnosis that I had at the time when I was fourteen and then he became a professional hypnotherapist himself.”

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Busy: Keith’s show You’re Back In The Room aired on TV3 | ITV

Meanwhile, Keith isn’t worried about sceptics who think hynoptism is a fraid.

“You always get people who think it might be fake, you never get it in a live show. It’s going to be you or your brother going up on stage and that validates it,” he said.

“The truth is I don’t need actors because you’ll always have people who are open to being hypnotised.”

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