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EXCLUSIVE! Maia Dunphy opens up about 'starting from scratch' in London

Maia Dunphy has revealed that she has to ‘start from scratch’ for her areer in London.

The Dalkey native is best known for being on the telly with her docu-series on RTÉ, but she recently revealed that she is getting back into producing, which is where it all started for her.

“I love producing, I love what I used to do before, like I’ve worked in telly for 15 years… so I have a career that kind of transcends the front-of camera stuff,” she told

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Change: Maia is known for appearing on the telly but she wants to go back to producing | YOUTUBE

“I was 35 when I started my front-of camera career, so I didn’t do any front-of camera before I was 35.”

Being in the industry for so many years, Maia is aware of how “fickle” it can be and said that she is prepared to start all over again in London, where she currently lives with her husband Johnny Vegas and their baby boy Tom.

“I’m also aware that it’s a fickle business, if you’re seen on-camera – more doors are opened to you, and I know that, but going to London – all [of] that’s gone.

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Fresh start: Maia is prepared to start from scratch in London where she lives with hubby Johnny | VIPIRELAND.COM

“You know you’re starting from scratch, so in a way its very exciting that I’ve had a baby, I’m taking some time off, [in the] New Year it’s like ‘right, here I am’, starting from scratch as a producer,” she told

Although Maia is excited about what’s next for her, she admits that she misses Dublin a lot and that she’s not sure if she’ll ever get used to living abroad.

“I’m not really used to living in London, I don’t think I ever will,” she added.


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