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WATCH: Holly Willoughby shows fans how she dyes her own hair at home

The blonde beauty has been maintaining her colour without the help of a hairdresser


Holly Willoughby has shown fans how she dyes her own hair at home.

The 39-year-old went through the process of dying her own hair, as part of a promo for Garnier with Vogue magazine.

Holly shared the 18-minute tutorial with her followers on Instagram.

“#VogueNightIn,” she captioned the post.

“I’ve been colouring my hair at home for 5 years now so I hope this gives you a little confidence if you’re about to try it for the first time!!”

“Please always do a small patch test 48 hours before colouring your hair ????????‍♀️,” she added.

In the video, the mother-of-three also opened up about her skincare routine – as she prepares to turn 40 next year.

“I’m not brilliant at stuff like that [facials] I don’t have tonnes of time,” she admitted.


“I’m more likely to stick that [an eye mask] on my face then go downstairs and cook dinner.”

“I’m going to be 40 next year so me looking after my skin is really important.”

Holly also spoke about a hair disaster she had when she accidentally dyed her hair red, after experimenting with spray in bleach.

“I’d gone blonde by using one of those beach spray blondes,” she explained.


“So I came back home and was like ‘Oh I’d better just put this dark hair dye over the top.”

“And obviously, I’m not a colourist but that was a disaster, It’ didn’t go brown it went red. and not a nice red and I had to stay like that until the colour grew out,” she revealed.

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