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Sienna Miller opens up about dealing with Jude Law’s affair in the public eye

The actor famously cheated on Sienna with his children's nanny back in 2005


Sienna Miller has opened up about the fallout of Jude Law’s affair with his children’s nanny.

Back in 2005, the actor admitted to cheating on Sienna, who he was engaged to at the time, with his children’s nanny Daisy Wright.

Back then, the actress was just 23, starring in a West End production of ‘As You Like It’.

Reflecting on that time, Sienna told The Daily Beast: “That was one of the most challenging moments I hope I’ll ever have to experience.”

“Because with that level of public heartbreak, to have to get out of a bed let alone stand in front of 800 people every night, it’s just the last thing you want to do.”

“It was really hard. And the other thing was, it was at the height of all that paparazzi madness, and in London where there was an epidemic of bad behavior. They knew where I would be every night.”

Sienna confessed: “There’s a whole six weeks of that experience that I don’t remember. I have no recollection of it. People who came to see me said we had dinner, and I don’t remember.”

“I was in so much shock over it all. And I’d really just begun. I was only 23. But if you get through that, you feel like you can get through anything.”

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The 38-year-old also discussed the intense paparazzi attention she faced, and admitted she struggled to cope with it.


“There were moments where it came close to making me really feel crazy, and it was incredibly aggressive,” she recalled.

“The way I managed it was to get really litigious, start suing. I secretly recorded paparazzi on a lighter that was a camera, and got a privacy act taken to a high court to get the law changed in England, which essentially means that if I’m anywhere or coming out of anywhere where I can expect privacy they’re not allowed to take my photo.”

“It was a long battle, and I think I was really paranoid,” she said.

Sienna and Jude

“There was so much noise that it was hard to think straight and focus on my work, which I always took very seriously.”

“It ate everything else. I look back on it and wonder how I did get through it—but I did.”

After splitting in 2006, Sienna famously rekindled her romance with Jude in 2009 – before they separated for good in 2011.