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Sam Thompson breaks his silence after taking back Zara McDermott: ‘I believe in forgiveness’

Sam Thompson has spoken out for the first time since taking back Zara McDermott, after she admitted to cheating on him.

The couple dramatically split back in August, after Sam found out Zara was unfaithful during the early stages of their relationship.

However, the Made In Chelsea stars have since rekindled their romance, after the 28-year-old decided to “forgive” Zara’s mistakes.

Speaking to MailOnline, Sam said: “I believe in forgiveness. I understand the context – and I think in any walk of life you can’t move forward unless you forgive.”

“Forgiveness allows you to heal. You can only heal when you forgive the other person and get over that.”

“I would definitely say no matter what you should always try to forgive and you’ll feel better in yourself – it’s f***ing easier said than done but you’ve got to strive for that,” he continued.

“The people I care about caring about me will know we’re all human. We are all human and you can’t grow and evolve and be a better person without making mistakes along the way.”

“For that to be shown on TV, it almost humanises you and makes you more relatable.”

Sam has had his fair share of scandals since he joined Made In Chelsea, and previously admitted to cheating on his ex-girlfriend Tiffany Watson.


Reflecting on his own mistakes, Sam said: “I have had a lot of f*** ups in my own life.”

“Being on TV, it accelerates your personal growth because of how many people do watch and everything you do gets so many opinions and you get so much feedback. It does shape you as a person.”

“I hate people who are on TV and literally have the best publicist in the world and people believe they’re angels. Oh come on! We all have bad moments, we all have f*** ups. We all make mistakes.”


“I am actually the person who’s made a mistake and come back stronger and have gone through everything. I can’t stand people that think they’re perfect because they’re not – they’re not showing their true self.”

Sam also joked that viewing figures have been “great” over the past few weeks, as Made In Chelsea fans tuned in to watch their split play out on camera.

He said: “I have signed up to it. You have to take the good with the bad. A lot of people know my life to such an extent that they want to tune in at 9pm on a Monday.”


“I have massive respect for the producers they really listen to you. The producers and execs I am working with have shown my story correctly, so I don’t care.”

“I can handle people having an opinion on my stuff as long as they’re enjoying themselves. I can handle it.”

“I do find it cool that people are invested in my life. From what I’ve heard the viewing figures are great!”


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