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Olly Murs admits his ‘heart breaks every time he thinks of Caroline Flack’ in new documentary

Olly Murs has admitted his “heart breaks every time” he thinks of Caroline Flack, and what she was going through before she took her own life.

In Channel 4’s upcoming documentary ‘Caroline Flack: Her Life and Death’, Olly breaks down in tears over her tragic death, as he recalls their time working together.

Caroline was found dead at her home in London on February 15, 2020 at the age of 40, after tragically taking her own life.

In the documentary, Olly says: “I just know that my heart breaks every time I think of Caz, and think of what she would’ve had to have gone through to take her own life, and you know, that’s going to hurt for a long time.”

“We got on so well – we were great together.”

The singer also spoke about the negative reaction to him and Caroline presenting The X Factor back in 2015, and revealed how it affected them both.

“It was an awful experience knowing that everyone hated us on the show,” he said.


“That X Factor experience for both of us was hard. But again Caroline, God, she got it so much more than me. I don’t know what it was.”

The docu-film will show examples of the hateful tweets posted about Caroline, including one that said: “There is nobody on earth I hate more than Caroline Flack.”

Olly added: “The abuse that she was getting, it was awful, awful. Those comments did affect her, those comments did hurt.”

Dermot O’Leary and his wife Dee, who was close friends with Caroline, also appear in the documentary.

Speaking to the camera, Dermot says: “It’s very difficult to know the extent of someone’s problems if they tell you – if they sweep them under the carpet.”

Dee added: “She just hid it too well, that’s the thing she just hid it so well… and for me the only warning signs were the addiction to social media, and you definitely saw that over the years progressing and obviously that then grew and grew and didn’t really stop and go away.”

The documentary is set to air on Wednesday, March 17th on Channel 4.

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