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Made In Chelsea star Alex Mytton reveals his mother has died in heartbreaking tribute

The reality star's mum was battling brain cancer


Alex Mytton has posted a heartbreaking tribute to his mum, who has sadly passed away following a brief battle with brain cancer.

Posting a stunning black and white photo of his beloved mother, the 27-year-old wrote: “Last week I had to say goodbye to my mum for the last time.”

“After fighting, what now seems like a brief battle with brain cancer my mum finally succumbed to the disease.”

“So I just wanna say if there was ever evidence needed to prove that these diseases act at random or without prejudice you would be it mum.”


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“You really were the kindest, most caring, beautiful all-round woman and undoubtedly the biggest force for good in my life,” he continued.

“I owe you infinitely for shaping me to be the man I am today. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that life was going to be a struggle without you, and despite thinking I was mentally prepared for the inevitable when the inevitable actually came it hit me harder than I could have ever imagined.”

“Strangely in that moment I felt like I was transported back to being that helpless little toddler who would scream ‘mummy I need you!!!’ literally every 5 minutes or whenever I needed my butt wiping (how you kept your cool with me then I still don’t know! ha) and I was hit with sudden realisation of just how much you have done for me and just how big your heart was, for me, your loved ones and for everyone around you.”

“It’s probably fair to say that despite trying to act otherwise I was a proper mummy’s boy and even at my ripe age you still provided a subconscious safety blanket that followed me through life from afar,” Alex wrote.


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“Now as I look ahead in a life without you I want you to know that that subconscious presence lives on and really I just want to say thank you so much for being an amazing mother to me, for showing me total compassion and love, I will never forget the memories, I will always love you and yes I will probably always ‘need you’. Rest in Peace Mumma,” he added.

“I would also like to thank @macmillancancer , the NHS and Oak Hall care home for their efforts and support throughout and especially to Claire from Oak Hall who stayed with us around the clock and did way above and beyond her duty.”

Alex’s friends and followers were quick to send their condolences, including his ex-girlfriend Binky Felstead.

She wrote: “She was an incredible woman, loved her & know she’s watching down on you all very proud Xxxxx sending so much love bub @alexmytton.”

Former Made In Chelsea star Oliver Proudlock also commented, “So sorry for your loss man. Thinking of you and your family. Let’s cherish the memories, and continue to make em proud.”

And Georgia Toffolo commented: “Oh Myt sending so so so much love to you and your family xxxxxxxxxx.”