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Love Island’s Olivia Bowen poses topless as she opens up about skin condition

The reality star revealed she had hidden her blemishes on social media with lighting and angles


Olivia Bowen has posed topless as she opened up about her struggle with psosiasis.

The Love Island star shared a series of candid snaps to her Instagram Stories on Wednesday, where she revealed she had been suffering with Guttate psoriasis since she was 17.

The 27-year-old admitted she wanted young girls to accept their bodies, and warned them that not everything is how it appears to be on social media.

She wrote: “It’s like this over about 50% of my body now, it’s actually now that bad right now in comparison to what I had at 17.

“It’s been spreading over my body everyday I wake up for the past week – which it’ll continue to do until the patches are large around 3/5cm each and cover more like 85% of my body.

“It flares up after I’m ill or really stressed. Unless I stand in direct light and close to the camera you can’t see it on photos. My skin has been like this for a week or so now and you can’t tell in my normal photos.

“PLEASE this is a reminder to take photographs on Instagram with a pinch of salt. Lighting, angles – all diffuse skin blemishes,” the reality star added.

“I really hope that seeing this makes you feel more accepted in your skin/body, because god knows when I was 17 and was covered in head to toe on my girls holiday – I could of used it.

“Psoriasis is normal. It’s OK. I’m with you. God knows it’s annoying but it’s OK! Unless my photos are super clear and up close – you can’t even see it.

“So let this be a reminder to you that posed pics on Insta aren’t as clear as they seem! I won’t let you guys think how I thought back when I had it at 17.”