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Love Island’s Dr Alex slams ‘fake’ voice note that claims coronavirus victims will be left to die

This is awful!


Dr Alex George has reassured fans that a voice note circulating on WhatsApp in the UK is completely “fake”.

The A&E doctor, who is working in a London hospital amid the coronavirus pandemic, slammed whoever started circulating the panic-inducing voice message.

Taking to Twitter, Alex tweeted: “I have heard there is a voice message going around saying that from tonight the ambulance service won’t be bringing unwell patients including children to hospital.. THIS IS NOT TRUE.”

“Whoever started this, you have caused fear and panic that is not necessary. Please do not do this.”

“I am so frustrated that someone has started this. It causes so much worry and I have had hundreds of worried mums messaging. Please be careful before starting rumours,” he added.

In another post on his Instagram Story, Alex told fans: “I have loads of DMs regarding this voice recording. I can assure that this is not true and the ambulance service and indeed the hospitals will be treating everyone in the way they always have.”

The viral voice note claimed that no ambulance would be sent to coronavirus patients, even those struggling to breathe, once the outbreak hits it’s peak in the UK.

The hoax message also stated that one third of deaths in the UK will be babies, children and teenagers with no underlying health issues.

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