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Love Island’s Charlie Brake SLAMMED by fans for sponsored post

The socialite announced that he was a millionaire while in the villa

Instagram - Charlie Brake

Love Island’s Charlie Brake has been slammed by fans for a sponsored post on social media.

It was revealed within the villa that the 23-year-old was a millionaire, as his grandfather previously owned a successful food distribution company called Brakes.

The Love Island star uploaded a sponsored post on Instagram last night and has been slammed by fans over the product he was advertising.

Instagram – Charlie Brake

The socialite advertised a watch on his Instagram account, saying that he was “absolutely obsessed” with the brand, but many fans were quick to respond to the post, asking why he was plugging the accessory when he is so wealthy.

“Why would you do s***ty sponsor deals when you’re supposedly the heir to a £400 Million fortune… smells suspicious to me either the figures claimed are lies £ or you are classless enough to promote crap. You’ll be promoting fortex traders soon I imagine. Cringe,” one fan commented.

“Come on lad. Don’t lower your standards for a couple of quid!,” another fan said.

Instagram – Charlie Brake

The former islander previously told fans on social media that he owns an Audemars Piguet watch.

The luxurious brand sells watches that can range anywhere from £18,000 to £70,000, according to the Daily Mail.

Charlie has yet to respond to any of the comments.