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Lily Allen refuse to be shamed using up-skirting photo of her vagina to promote new album

The singer refuses to be shamed by photos taken of her vagina.


Lily Allen is the latest victim of up-skirting – a paparazzi tactic in which they try o take photos up women’s skirts. She’s managed to turn it around to benefit her though!

A photo taken of her vagina, intended to embarrass her, was posted on Twitter and she then used it to promote her new album, fittingly titled ‘No Shame’.

The explicit photo was taken by a fan, who wrote how “This photo will be on the internet forever Lils.” The singer then retweeted the image and linked a website, where her new album can be bought.

Fans jumped to her defence and slammed people for taking indecent photos.

Lily tweeted the image writing, “Look at my 2014 neatly trimmed vagina. 3 humans came out of there. #NoShame June 8th.”

Other founds found humour in the ‘LDN’ singer’s photo, with one tweeting, “Going to actually take this photo to my waxer next time if that’s okay with you? #VaginaIdol.”

With another questioning whether it was a PR stunt: ‘My gf thinks this is a PR campaign (guerrilla marketing stuff). Not a fake pic but that Misty is a plant. Discuss/dispute?’  , which the singer replied saying “Sadly,no. I’ll take it tho”

— Lily Allen (@lilyallen) May 24, 2018

She also recently shared a throwback photo of her topless with chick emojis covering her nipples.

Lily’s new album ‘No Shame’ is out on the 8th of June.

It will be her first release since ‘Sheezus’ in 2014.

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