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James Corden forces Gordon Ramsay to eat penis

The chef was also forced to eat chicken feet marinated in pickled pigs


Gordon Ramsay’s palette is used to strange food but James Corden put the famous chef to the test.

A game of ‘Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts’ on The Late Late Show this week saw the celebrity chef consume some gross grub.

The show which has featured a rake of celebrities including Kim Kardashian.

She was forced to drink a sardine smoothie to avoid having to spill whether or not her sister Kylie was pregnant.

In order to reveal when the last time Gordon pooped his pants was, he  decided he would ‘fill his guts’ rather than ‘spill his guts’.

The chef was forced to eat chicken feet marinated in pickled pigs… Delish.

When the game began Gordon asked James “which of his three sponsored products does he not use Chase Bank, Apple Music or Keurig”.

Corden refused to answer the question and was forced to chew on a cow’s tongue.

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“Bon Appétit!” Ramsay said.

The hilarious A League of Their Own host replied “I’ve eaten worse, I’ve eaten in a couple of your places.”

Cordon made Ramsay rank three celebrity chefs in order of best to worst.

He chose Wolfgang Puck, Jamie Oliver and Bobby Flay.

Gordon then revealed an equally hard question asking James to rank his animated films from best to worst.

Corden listed Peter Rabbit, Trolls and The Emoji Movie.

Gordon was forced to eat bull’s penis marinated in hot sauce when he refused to say which celebrity he wouldn’t want to revisit his restaurants.

James was in return forced to eat grasshoppers marinated in clam juice when James refused to say whether he loved England or the U.S. more.

If that hasn’t subdued your appetite you can watch the full ordeal here.