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I’m A Celeb star Myles Stephenson insists he NEVER cheated on Gabby Allen

The Love Island star accused him of being unfaithful


I’m A Celeb star Myles Stephenson has insisted he never cheated on his ex-girlfriend Gabby Allen.

During an interview before he entered the jungle, the Rak-Su singer denied Gabby’s claims that he was unfaithful.

The couple split back in August after almost a year of dating, amid reports she caught him messaging other women.

Speaking to The Sun, Myles explained: “We were on a break at the time when I messaged this girl, a previous ex. I shouldn’t have done it, even though me and Gabby weren’t speaking at the time and I moved home, but it was general conversation.”


“I was a stupid mistake and I stopped speaking to her when we started getting back together, but by that time she’s messaged Gabby and said we’d been speaking.

“But nothing happened – I didn’t even meet up with her,” he said.

“Gabby’s a girl girl has a different perspective on things but we were on a break to make ourselves work better.”

“We were intending to give it another go. I admitted it the moment she pulled me up on it because I loved Gabby and people make bad decisions,” he added.


It comes after Gabby lashed out at her ex on Instagram earlier this week, after Myles said he struggled to find a meaningful relationship during a conversation with his I’m A Celeb campmates.

Responding to Myles’ comments on her Instagram Story, Gabby shared a photo of his face photoshopped onto a leopard, and wrote: “OMG I’m dead 🤣 I’m not even watching the show but people are sending me things like this. Saying meet ‘meaningful Milo’.. 🤷🏼‍♀️🤣.”

“Apparently he was on about ‘meaningful relationships’. I’m not sure the guy knows what he’s on about tbh.”

She added: “I didn’t know cheating, lying and a whole load of other 💩 came under ‘meaningful’. Who knows? Each to their own.”

The blonde beauty also liked some tweets about her ex, including one that said, “Watching Myles in the jungle chat about trying to find meaningful relationships when I know he did the dirty on my girl @gabbydawnallen.”