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First Dates UK barman Merlin Griffiths reveals he’s battling stage three cancer

First Dates UK barman Merlin Griffiths has revealed he’s battling stage three bowel cancer.

The 46-year-old was told he has a 75% chance of living for more than five years, after doctors found a 4.5cm long tumour in him six weeks ago.

Speaking to the Sunday Mirror, the TV personality said: “I’m keeping that positive outlook, but I’ve a morbid sense of humour. I tell people, ‘I have colorectal cancer… it’s a real pain in the a***!'”


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The father-of-one faces a year of life-saving treatment, and said: “I have so much faith in medicine and the NHS in this country, which is just so incredible.”

“I’ve shed a tear in private. But you can choose ‘to do’ or ‘not to do’. I chose to lead my life as normal, to stick to the facts about it, and to keep putting one step in front of the other.”

Merlin will appear on Channel 4’s Stand Up To Cancer Live show next month to talk about fighting the disease and urge others with cancer concerns to go to the doctor.


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