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Fears for The Queen as the Monarch and Prince Philip face weeks of self-isolation

It comes as Prince Charles has tested positive for the decision

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There are growing fears for the health of Queen Elizabeth – after it was confirmed her son, Prince Charles, has tested positive for Coronavirus.

The Queen, 93, has now joined her husband Prince Philip in isolation at Windsor Castle – and Royal sources say the pair will be in isolation for weeks.

It is believed that not even the Queen’s closest family members are allowed to see her during this time, as she and Philip are on complete lockdown.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip | BUCKINGHAM PALACE

Many are worried for her health as she spent time with her son before he tested positive.

However Prince Charles’ doctor has said he was more than likely only infectious from March 13th, and he had seen his mother the day before, on March 12th.

According to reports Prince Charles, 71, has a “mild form” of the illness and is now in Balmoral estate with his wife Camilla.

He was diagnosed with the disease after he spent time with Prince Albert of Monaco, who tested positive for the virus this week.