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Demi Sims reveals she asked Francesca Farago to MARRY her when she slid into her DMs

The couple confirmed their romance in January


Demi Sims has revealed she asked Francesca Farago to marry her during their first ever conversation.

The TOWIE star admitted she slid into the DMs of her Too Hot To Handle beau with a proposal, before jetting off to meet her for the first time in Mexico.

Three days after they met, Francesca asked Demi to be her girlfriend, and the couple have been living together ever since.

In a preview clip of their upcoming interview on PrettyLittleThing’s Behind Closed Doors podcast, obtained by the MailOnline, the reality stars opened up about how their whirlwind romance came to be.

Demi confessed: “The first conversation we ever had in the DMs was about a wedding, I actually asked her to marry me as my first message and she just went along with it which was great. But yeah we have spoke about [getting married].”

“Obviously we’ve only been actually together for two months so I think, I don’t know, it’s up to you really isn’t it?” she asked Francesca, “Because you said you’re going to do the proposing, so it’s up to Francesca.”

Francesca admitted: “I never really thought about [proposing] myself until I met her. Right when I met her, I was like it’s gonna be me, it needs to be me who’s going to do it. I already know how I’m going to do it, she’s not going to see it coming.”

Demi admitted her friends and family were skeptical about her flying to meet Francesca for the first time in Mexico.

She recalled: “[Francesca] was literally like come to Mexico and meet me and I was nervous because I’ve never met her before so I was like what am I gonna do, am I actually gonna fly to Mexico by myself and meet this girl I’ve never met? It was all just crazy.”

“In my heart and my head, it felt like the right thing to do. My mum was like make sure that she’s real, like your flying over to Mexico to meet this person you’ve just met on social media.”

“All my friends were saying the same things as well like ‘You’re crazy, don’t do that that’s so dangerous’ and I was like no guys honestly this girl, I feel like me and this girl have got so much in common – I have to go and meet her.”