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Conor Maynard reveals he had a GUN pointed at him in an attempted robbery

The singer had to cut his trip short after he experienced the 'terrifying' attack


Conor Maynard has revealed that he had a gun pointed at his head in an attempted robbery in Brazil.

The 26-year-old took to Instagram to explain to his followers why he left early, he said: “Some of you have been asking why I cut my Brazil trip short and if I’m OK.”

“My manager and I were involved in an incident in São Paulo, when our Uber pulled up at a red light. We were sitting in the back.”

“Suddenly a motorcyclist pulled up next to the driver’s window, which is the side I was also on, and started banging on the window.”


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The singer continued: “We just thought our driver had cut him up or something and he was angry, but then as I looked, he was banging on the window with a gun in his hand.”

He explained how the driver ‘panicked’ and ‘locked’ the doors, but neither he nor his manager could understand what was being said because they were speaking in Portuguese.

The 26-year-old then admitted that a sudden hole in the back window shattered and at first he didn’t know whether it was a gunshot or not.



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Conor and his manager got out the back of the car and the criminal noticed, he said: “looked back to see that we had got out of the car. He turned his bike around as if he was going to come back and for some reason he decided to drive off.”

Their Uber driver brought them to ‘a place where there were police, although it was not a police station’ and it was not until they got back to the hotel that they spoke to someone in English.

Despite the horrific attempted robbery, he assured his followers that he has not let it ruin his opinion on the country, he said: “People have been asking me if I hate the country, but I would never base my opinion on a country based on one incident.”

“Regardless, I had an amazing time and I would happily come back to play another show.”


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