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Chris Hughes and Jesy Nelson spoke about having ‘three or four babies’ just months before split

The former couple's candid conversation will air in an upcoming documentary


Chris Hughes and Jesy Nelson spoke about having “three or four babies” just months before their split.

The former couple called it quits back in April, following an 18-month relationship.

Prior to their split, Love Island star Chris filmed BBC documentary called Me, My Brother and Our Balls – where he visited a doctor amid fears he may struggle with fertility issues.

In a clip obtained by the MailOnline from the upcoming show, Chris shared the news from his doctor visit with his then-girlfriend – saying: “I’ve just got to tell her the good news. It’s been a worry for us both, so.”

“Oh Jessica, I have a lot of sperm and they’re very, very active. I’m really happy,” he told Jesy – who responded: “Yay, so we can have lots of babies?”

Chris answered: “I think we can probably have three or four.”

The documentary airs on BBC Three iPlayer on September 30, with Chris telling the publication that it was important to feature the scene with his ex.

“The beauty of Jesy being in the documentary is that it showcases a conversation that couples have. It’s very relatable,” he shared.


“Obviously we supported each other when we were together. I still support her now with things, whether I do that publicly or not, I still do support her anyway.

“It’s just one of those things really. It’s great for the documentary because its real life isn’t it?”

He added: “It was essentially a moment. We were having those conversations at the time – I guess it’s just that really.”


Chris’ brother Ben was previously diagnosed with testicular cancer, with the upcoming documentary aiming to highlight male fertility.

“What started as an attempt to shed light on an issue that affects so many men turned into an incredibly personal journey for me and my family and has brought me even closer to my brother, Ben,” Chris told BBC.

“I also learned things about male fertility that really surprised me, so hopefully people will find the documentary educational.

“Fertility is often a subject that guys don’t consider until it might be too late, so I’m hoping this documentary will raise awareness and help men who might be struggling with these issues.”

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