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Cheryl falls victim to cruel coronavirus prank

The star was duped online


Cheryl has fallen victim to a cruel coronavirus prank.

The star tweeted a now deleted video she had been tagged in, before realising she had been duped.

Yesterday, a number of videos went viral which showed quarantined Italian citizens singing to one another in unison from the windows of their homes, where the country is on lock down following a devastating COVID-19 outbreak.

A number of videos were then edited by pranksters, removing the original audio and adding new audio of crowds from A-List musician’s concerts to the footage.

The videos then falsely appeared to show the isolated Italian citizens singing songs by various artists, including Cheryl and Katy Parry.

Cheryl retweeted a post, which has since been deleted, that read:

“A whole neighbourhood in Italy is singing Fight For This Love by Cheryl while they’re on lockdown and self-quarantined. #COVIDー19.”

Cheryl retweeted and wrote: “I’m not crying…”

Katy Perry was also duped by the same prank, after pranksters edited the video to show the isolated people singing her song Roar.

“You cannot break the human spirit. We are one in this,” Katy tweeted.