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Charlotte Crosby reveals Irish accent is her favourite in trailer for her new MTV show

Charlotte Crosby has a new show landing on MTV and it’s all about her.

In the trailer she reveals that if she could have any accent in the world she’d pick ours, we’re flattered!

“If I could have any accent in the world, I think it would have to be the Irish.”

“Top o’ the morning to ya” she attempts in an Irish dialect we’re not familiar with…

Our favourite Geordie lass reveals a whole host of other facts about herself before letting one rip…

She then goes on to inform us she has “a strong bum hole”, apologies if you were eating while you read that.

The show does promise some deeper moments though with the 27-year-old opening up about her mental health difficulties.

“I actually get quite bad death anxiety.”

“It’ll hit during the day and I’ll just get this pang of emptiness.”

“I’ll struggle to breathe because I think one day this is all gonna be over.”

The reality TV star has ben living her life to the full from the looks of it so hopefully her anxiety will subside.

We have no doubt The Charlotte Show will be packed with equal about of crude and funny moments.

It premieres in exactly a month on Wednesday, March 28th at 9pm on MTV.

You can watch the full trailer here.


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