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Charlotte Crosby promotes awareness for ectopic pregnancies following her own traumatic experience

The reality star wants people to know the signs before it's too late


Charlotte Crosby has opened up about how she wants to promote awareness for ectopic pregnancies after she experienced one first hand.

The Geordie Shore star suffered from an ectopic pregnancy in 2016 at the age of 25, which lead to surgery where she had her fallopian tube removed.

The reality star spoke to Metro about not knowing what was happening to her body: “I didn’t know what it was, I didn’t know the signs, I didn’t know the symptoms, so that’s why I didn’t know what was going on with body.”

“I didn’t know the extremes of what could have happened, until I woke up after the operation and I’d lost my left Fallopian tube and a section of my ovaries, because it had all ripped open.”


An ectopic pregnancy occurs when a fertilised egg  implants outside the womb, usually the fallopian tube.

This condition is known as an ‘out-of-place’ pregnancy that can be life threatening.

Charlotte recalled the day she experienced extreme pains: “One day, I was filming an advert for Geordie Shore, the last series I was in, and I started feeling excruciating pains – not normal pain, it was like someone was digging a knife into the side of my body.”

“They would come and go, and I let it go for about a week.”


The 28-year-old admitted that she was very busy in work and tried to ignore the pain, but eventually it got too much.

“The pain felt like my organs were being ripped open, and I knew I needed to go to hospital. At that point, I was scared. I was really scared.”

Charlotte underwent surgery for her fallopian tube to be removed and was told by a doctor that if she left it any longer, she could have died.

The reality star is now an ambassador for the Ectopic Pregnancy Trust and says it’s doing well:”It’s actually helping to do good and to help people understand ectopic pregnancies, the signs and the symptoms before it’s too late.”