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Caroline Flack forced to defend new series – after Jameela Jamil publicly SLAMS the show’s concept

Another day, another Twitter feud involving Jameela...

Channel 4

Caroline Flack has been forced to defend her new plastic surgery series, after Jameela Jamil publicly slammed the show’s concept.

The Surjury, which airs on Channel 4 next year, will see participants go under the knife if they are given the go-ahead by a “jury” of 12 people.

If they manage to secure 75 per cent of the jury vote, participants will go ahead with their desired surgery, and return a few months later to show off the results.

Jameela posted a story about the new show on Twitter, and wrote: “Welp. Black Mirror is officially happening guys. It’s here.”

The show’s host Caroline quickly replied to Jameela’s snarky tweet by writing: “Have you managed to see a copy before me ? Please forward .. am desperate to see..”

A fan then tweeted Caroline: “How can you be so defensive about a show this toxic and exploitative that you’re willingly hosting?”

The TV presenter replied: “Because I’ve filmed it and the people who have taken part are amazing and have been through a lot and life is about individual choice…”

Another Twitter user asked: “Are you saying it’s not how the article suggested? Is it done in a ‘positive, compassionate way?’ After reading about your personal journey with your mental health I’m surprised at your choice of job but ultimately they would have got another presenter.”


Caroline replied: “Well mental health is a sensitive subject and as we progress we are constantly asked to be more open and visible.”

“My feeling toward the show is that it opens up conversations on why some people turn to surgery to help them lead the life that they believe will make them happier.”

A Channel 4 rep previously defended the show’s concept by telling The Sun: “Rather than wag a disapproving finger, this new series looks at who wants it, and why – and allows those who make a strong enough case to their peers, to undergo the procedure of their choice.”

“The show will neither glamourise nor condemn their choices: the aim is instead to interrogate the realities. All contributors featured in the series have actively been seeking surgery of their own accord.”

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