Brother of Manchester Arena bomber found guilty of 22 murders

Some of the victims families burst into tears when the verdict was read out in court


Salman Abedi’s brother has been found guilty of murdering 22 people at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester.

At the Justice Hall in London today, prosecutors said Hashem Abedi was “just as guilty” as his brother – who killed himself when he detonated a bomb at the Manchester Arena on May 22, 2017.

Hashem initially denied having any involvement in the horrific attack, and argued that he wasn’t in the UK at the time.

However, his DNA and fingerprints were found in the properties in Manchester where they both made the bomb.

Evidence presented in court showed how Hashem was involved in making the explosives, before returning to Libya a month before the attack.

Speaking to Sky News, Max Hill, the CPS director of public prosecutions, said prosecutors and police looked at “every movement these men made”.

“The cars that they used, the telephones that they swapped, the places that they lived, the shopping trips that they went on themselves, or asked others, who didn’t know their plans, to go on for them, all of those circumstances built up into an unanswerable case,” he said.

“That this was a two-man job. These men planned it together and obviously, tragically, it only took one man to blow up the device and kill so many people.”

“This was a long investigation, it required extradition for the first time from Libya to this country.”

“And speaking for everyone in the CPS and every GMP officer who was involved we were all determined to give a sense of justice to all of those families who suffered in May 2017,” he added .