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Adam Collard reveals which Love Island stars reached out to him following Paige Thorne split

Adam Collard has revealed which Love Island stars have reached out to him following his split from Paige Thorne.

The former couple struck up a romance on Love Island this summer, but their relationship hit the rocks in September after a video of Adam cosying up to a mystery blonde in McDonald’s went viral.

While he denied anything happened at the time, Paige alleged she’s been sent more videos of Adam with other girls that same night.

Speaking to The UK Mirror, Adam has revealed how his Love Island co-stars reacted to his split from Paige.

“I mean, they have probably not really heard anything from me on my side either,” he told the outlet. “Because to be honest, I’m speaking to you before I’m speaking to any of them.”

“I think Davide [Sanclimenti] is a lot more mature and understands that things kind of happen and he’s definitely asked me and Paige evenly if we’re okay, that kind of thing – the same with Luca [Bish].”

“I haven’t really spoken to any of the girls, and I understand that. I haven’t really touched on it with a lot of people if I’m being honest.”

“Obviously Dami [Hope] is always going to be team Paige, so it’s just one of those things,” Adam continued.

The Newcastle native’s revelation comes just weeks after Dami slammed him for “disrespecting” Paige.

Speaking about the Welsh paramedic to The Daily Star, the Dubliner said: “Yeah, she’s good. It’s better for her to be single than be with someone that obviously… […] Stuff like that it’s not a good look.”

“I feel like for me with Adam, if he was going to come back to the villa, you should have just been the bad boy instead of playing a whole game. It just doesn’t look good at the end of the day.”

When asked if he’s on good terms with Adam, Dami added: “Yeah I’m not beefing anyone, like.”

“I’ll shake his hand [but] I feel like in a way you disrespected Paige and she’s actually my girl so…”

Paige recently claimed she initially tried to work things out with Adam, before he allegedly “ghosted” her while he was in Bali.

Speaking to Cosmopolitan UK, she said: “I know everybody told me ‘what he was like’ and the rest of it, [but] you never believe it. He was telling me nothing happened, and his attitude was like ‘Get over it.’”

“I was really upset by it, but why would I believe everything everyone says when he was treating me a certain way [in private]?,” Paige continued.

“By this time I had already been sent another video in my DMs that hasn’t gone public yet. He didn’t know that I had it. This one was like a massive kick in the face.”

Despite the scandal, Paige was willing to stand by Adam.

She recalled: “I thought, ‘We can overlook this. We can get through this. Nobody else will have to find out about the video. I still want to be with you.’”

Paige claimed Adam then jetted to Bali, where he allegedly started being “really shady” over text.

“He wasn’t texting me back. He would leave me on ‘read’ for the entire day. My own boyfriend literally ghosted me,” she said.

“So I said, ‘When you’ve got five minutes, I’d really appreciate a phone call.’ He was like, ‘We do need a phone call, but I’ve got a party to go to and I wanna be in the right frame of mind for it.’

“From then, I was just like, ‘We’re done. This is beyond a joke now.’ He replied, ‘I didn’t want it to go this way, but at least we both know where we stand.’ We didn’t even get into an argument.”

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“I deleted my [Instagram] pictures and didn’t hear from him at all. That was it. There was no, ‘I’m sorry’ or ‘Let’s talk about it.’ There was nothing at all. And then obviously the NTAs came up and we ended up being on the red carpet at the same time.”

Paige then claimed she was sent another video of Adam with someone else “literally five minutes before walking down the red carpet.”

“I was shown a video of him kissing a girl in Bali. I was crying in the car before walking down the red carpet,” she alleged.

The heartbroken reality star added: “I have my good days and bad days. I keep myself distracted, but if I’m having a slow day, it does feel like everything is on top of me and as if I’m trying to keep my head about water.”

“My best break-up advice is to absolutely surround yourself with friends and family,” Paige continued.

Adam recently addressed the viral photo of him kissing a mystery brunette while he was in Bali.

In photos published by The Sun, Adam was seen locking lips with the woman in the pool.

Addressing the viral photo, Adam explained to The UK Mirror: “I went to Bali for a work trip. And I had a week doing this fitness retreat and then a few days of holiday.”

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“But to be honest by day two or three, the relationship was pretty much done because we weren’t really speaking,” Adam continued.

“Like I said, I will hold my hands up, it was probably more me than her that was a little bit quiet because, I just needed to process things were at and if there was a chance. I just think there was too much strain on both sides.”

The personal trainer told the outlet that he and Paige had split up by the “second or third day” into his holiday but insisted that the kiss didn’t happen until the end of his Bali trip.

“I was in Bali for over 14 days,” the 27-year-old said. “It was literally the last night and I’m human to be honest.”

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Adam admitted: “Maybe this isn’t the right way to go on but, I was probably upset and it sounds quite…”

“I was probably upset the relationship broke down. And, call me an idiot, maybe I am an idiot but, maybe that was my way of just trying to ignore my feelings.”

“Since I’ve been home, it’s now I’m probably processing it a little bit more but I feel like that’s kind of what a lot of people do. I was out there and I was probably just trying to distract myself.”

“I definitely want to take a little bit of time and just like work on work, so to speak, and focus on that.”

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