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Yewande and Arabella have an awkward run-in on Aftersun

The pair were asked if they would be friends.


Last night, Yewande and Arabella sat down for their exit interviews on Love Island’s follow-up show Aftersun.

The duo were not on the best terms in the Love Island villa, as Yewande was coupled up with Danny Williams before his head was turned by Arabella.

Yewande was booted from the show after Danny recoupled with Arabella, and an argument soon broke out among the housemates as Danny and Arabella were spotted kissing shortly after Yewande’s departure.


On Aftersun, host Caroline Flack showed Yewande the kiss, looking for her reaction to the moment which caused uproar in the villa.

After a long and very awkward silence, the Irish scientist replied: “It’s weird isn’t it?”

“How long was it when I left?” she posed to model Arabella, who was sitting next to her.

“Probably an hour” Arabella responded, to which Yewande replied: “Well, I mean ….”

Later, both girls were asked if they would become friends now that they are both out of the show.

“I think it is so hard, our circumstances are so hard. Like in the real world you will never be friends for going with the same guy, but we are obviously going to have to be civil,” Arabella replied.

“I have no hard feelings towards you. I did the right thing by coming to speak to you. If anything it should have been Danny. He is the middle of this.”

Yewande remained silent and did not reply to the question.


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