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We finally know why Holly Willoughby was absent from This Morning this week

The presenter was mysteriously absent from the show on Wednesday and Thursday


Holly Willoughby was absent from This Morning this week, as two of her kids had to get tested for Covid-19.

According to The Sun, two of her children fell ill this week – sparking fears they may have contracted the coronavirus.

Thankfully, their tests have since come back negative, and Holly will be back on This Morning on Monday.

A source said: “Two of the children became really poorly at the start of the week, and came down with Covid-like symptoms.”

“There was no question that Holly was going to go to work – she wanted to stay at home and just be a mum, looking after her kids.”

“So they’ve all been isolating at home, awaiting their test results. Obviously it was a worrying time but Phillip [Schofield] and everyone at ITV was incredibly supportive.”

Holly later confirmed the report on her Instagram Story, as she thanked fans for their kind messages.

She wrote: “Just wanted to say thank you for all your kind messages… over the last few days two of our children were unwell and had symptoms of COVID.”

“In line with government guidelines we were waiting for results of the tests before I could return to work, couple that with just wanting to look after two poorly children, it meant having two days away from @thismorning.”

“I chose not to alert everyone to this because my focus was on looking after them… thankfully all tests came back negative and everybody’s feeling much better… see you Monday! Once again thank you for all the lovely messages… Holly xx.”

Earlier this week, This Morning fans expressed concern for Holly, after she was suddenly replaced by fellow TV presenter Davina McCall.

One Twitter user wrote: “You know you’ve been out of work too long when you’ve notice it’s the second day without @hollywills on This Morning and you’re scouring the internet for answers as to why! WHERE ARE YOU HOLLY?!?!”

Another wrote: “Where the hell is Holly!!! There’s something going on here #ThisMorning.

A third person tweeted: “I hope Holly is ok. Something is defiantly going on. It’s usual for them not to be straight up honest with where she is #thismorning.” [sic]