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Francesca Allen says she was left out after Maura’s ‘behind her back’ comments

And claims that the girls were not very welcoming.


Francesca Allen has admitted that she did not have the easiest time in the villa.

The boutique owner revealed that she did not receive a warm welcome when she entered the show, after making it clear that she was interested in pro-dancer Curtis, who Maura was also pursuing.

“I struggled quite a lot when I first went in there, I didn’t have the warmest of welcomes,” she told The Daily Mail. 


When asked if she felt like and outsider, Francesca revealed: “I did a little, it was a shame it took them a little while to warm to me, I’m not a horrible person – I would always make everyone and anyone feel welcome.”

Francesca detailed how India and Harley were better received by the other girls that she had been, as they were interested in Ovie who was not romantically involved with anyone else in the villa.

“The girls were a bit more welcoming than they were to me, they were excited Ovie was going to have two girls who liked him, it hadn’t happened yet.”

“Different situation, different reception, I’m glad they got it, having my one wasn’t the best… you don’t want that.”

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Francesca also claimed that Maura made rude comments behind her back.

“Someone told me she was kind of making comments behind my back but I hadn’t seen that to my face… I don’t really know what they were, but yeah, I thought we were [friends],” she said.

Viewers watched during the series as Maura made numerous comments about Francesca’s mannerisms, telling the other girls that she took issue with the way the Essex native moved her hair away from her face.


Francesca went on to say that she wished she had spoken up for herself at the time, but said that she had found good friends in Belle and Joanna.

“I am too laid back as a person, I should have voiced it to the girls that I’m feeling left out and things like that… when I didn’t, I sort of stayed quiet, I had Joanna and Belle, they are lovely.”

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