Home TV Love Island fans are in UPROAR after Jordan and Anna’s disagreement

Love Island fans are in UPROAR after Jordan and Anna’s disagreement

"You dont know what I'm going through"


In the midst of Amber and Danny’s argument on Tuesday’s episode of Love island, Anna can be seen intervening.

Amber is annoyed at Danny for kissing Arabella a mere two hours after Yewande left the Love Island villa.

Anna can be seen saying “bye” repeatedly as Danny walks away from the argument.

Behind her, Jordan tells her to “shut up.” He goes on to call her childish for her actions in the group argument.

At the beginning of the episode, Jordan committed to supporting Anna emotionally as she adjusts to losing best pal Yewande from the villa.

“You dont know what I’m going through,” Anna angrily exclaimed in the Beach Hut.

“You don’t know what that guy has said to her and the lies he has said to her.”

The couple continued their conversation the following day, as Jordan said he would not be holding in his thoughts on her behavior if he felt it was wrong.

Anna requested that Jordan tell her his issues privately instead of in front of the group, before the couple made up, with Anna requesting more affection from the model.

Some fans of the show felt that Jordan’s “disrespectful” call out was a sign that the couple are not actually compatible.

However, others felt than Amber and Anna’s call out of Danny was unwarranted, and commended Jordan for telling Anna to stop getting involved.

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