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Love Island: Charlie Frederick claims he and Arabella are still together

"Completely disregarding my feelings."


Charlie Frederick has taken to Instagram to reveal that he and Arabella are “seeing” one another.

The former Love Island alum posted  a statement to his Instagram story which suggests that he and Arabella were involved in a relationship of some form as recently as two weeks ago.

“Right so this is all an absolute madness for me,” he writes.


“Finding out the person I’m seeing/have a lot of feelings for. On a serious level has just strolled into the villa completely disregarding my feelings and our relationship or what we had.

He goes on to say that he feels he needs to air screenshots as he feels like he has been “completely mugged off.”

He goes on to claim that Araballa lied to him about why she was abroad, alleging that she told him she would be working on a campaign.


“I’m truly upset that Arabella has lied to me about what she was doing and claiming she had a campaign but instead…going into Love Island.”

“Like any relationship we had our ups and downs,” he finishes.

“I’m truly gutted and cannot for the life of me figure out why she has done this.”

Charlie has since deleted the mentioned Whatsapp screenshots, which suggest a past relationship.

There is no date on the screenshots, other than a date that has been written on them via Instagram.

When an archived image is uploaded to Instagram stories, the app automatically adds the date of the image over the picture. However, the date can be edited.

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