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Love Island: Aaron thinks there’s ‘no chance’ Jake or Liam’s heads will turn in Casa Amor

Dumped Love Island star Aaron Francis has revealed he thinks Jake Cornish and Liam Reardon will stay loyal to Liberty Poole and Millie Court in Casa Amor.

The highly anticipated challenge kicks off tonight, which will see the girls and the boys split into separate villas, where they will be joined by six stunning new arrivals.

New girl Lillie Haynes has revealed she has her eye on Jake, while Mary Bedford has admitted she’s willing to step on Millie’s toes to steal Liam.

Lillie and Mary | ITV

Aaron, who was dumped from the villa on Sunday night with Lucinda Strafford, thinks there’s “no chance” his pals heads will turn.

In his exit interview, the luxury events host said: “Jake… he’s not going to look elsewhere, he’s a very, very loyal guy.”

“I also think Liam, there’s no chance of his head being turned. Him and Millie are probably my favourites to win.”

Aaron said Millie and Liam are his favourites to win the show | ©ITV Plc

“To be honest, I don’t really know Teddy’s type and I don’t really know Faye’s type. But they do seem to be strong,” he continued. “They obviously had that date, that they said went really well and they’ve been talking about the future.”

“Honestly, I have no idea, but I think Teddy is one of those, he’s very loyal and focused and relaxed. He doesn’t get flustered or turned very easily, so I do think they’ll be alright as well.”

“Toby’s young, he’s not been in a relationship and he’s still trying to work out exactly what he wants. The past few days him and Abi have been getting on. They’re both really enjoying each other’s company.”

“But at the end of the day they’ve just met so I can’t really say much about whether they will stay loyal as there might be other people more their type and his head has turned a couple of times so far.”

Aaron thinks Toby’s head could turn in Casa Amor | ©ITV Plc

Speaking about the other couples, Aaron said: “Hugo and Chloe, there’s plenty of people coming in, they’re both great people. Chloe’s really opened up. I think she’s a great catch and she’ll definitely find someone, she’s just got to work out what she wants as she hasn’t had great luck in the past.”

“And with Hugo, he’s such a sweet guy, such a lovely guy, he’s so witty. We became really close. I definitely feel he’d find someone. Someone who gets his banter and up for a party.”

“And Kaz is like my little sister, we are tight. She’s been so happy the past few days. I loved the confidence Tyler has, the way he spoke, his energy. When he said he liked Kaz it just got even better.”

“Obviously they are brand new, they have just met, but they look solid and strong, I can’t wait to see how that goes,” he added.

Tyler and Kaz | ©ITV Plc

When asked whether he and Lucinda left the villa as an official couple, Aaron replied: “We were only coupled up for a couple of days unfortunately but I think first of all we want to start with a first date. We haven’t had a first date yet.”

“We’ve just been getting to know each other within the villa so everyone else has been around. I’d like to start with a first date, that would be nice. I’ve planned a little something, a surprise for her. And then we’ll just move from there.”

“I can’t say too much because I don’t really know. London to Brighton isn’t that far and I’m pretty sure we’ll be around each other quite a lot. We were really close with the same people in the villa which I think says a lot.”

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on Virgin Media One and Virgin Media Player.

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