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The Column: I Finally Have My Smile Back

Hey everyone,

This week has been a week I have been waiting for for so long, not only because it’s leading up to the first birthday in two years where I can actually go somewhere and be with the people I love, but also because I finally got composite veneers.

Before I tell you all, just so you know, this is in collaboration with Dental Options.

I had braces from the age of 15-17 (which I absolutely hated), and I’ll never forget the day they came off.

It was my final week in secondary school, a few days before my Leaving Cert, and I couldn’t stop smiling.

But, like most teens, I didn’t really do the upkeep required, and fast forward to 10 years later and my teeth had moved, my gums had serious issues, and my self-confidence was lowered because of all of the above.

For years I have wanted to fix my teeth and feel happy again when I look in the mirror, or see myself on TV.

So about 2 years ago I went into Dental Options in Clane, and told them I wanted veneers.

Straight away Dr. Rhona told me I needed to fix my gum issues, and they referred me to Hampton Dental in Dublin, where I’ve spent the last year undergoing treatments, cleanings and check ups.

Finally, after getting my teeth and gums in a much better place, Dental Options gave me the composite veneers I’ve wanted for so long, and it really feels like a dream come true (as cheesy as that sounds).

A lot of people yearn for the “Hollywood smile”, and trust me, it’s worth lusting after.

I have never had botox or plastic surgery, but after going through this process I really do understand why people look to change or enhance their features, and honestly, who are we to judge?

I feel so much more confident now, in just a few days.

I used to always be so concerned about TV appearances, wondering what angle they would shoot at in case they got the side of my teeth that I really hated, now I’ve nothing to worry about.


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I got so many questions online about my treatment, so here’s some Q&A answers below.

How much do they cost?

In Dental Options it can cost €200-€350 per tooth depending on size etc. Also you don’t need all of your teeth done, I only had six of my top teeth done.

How do you get your teeth white enough?

Dental Options will give you trays for your teeth and whitening gels so you can whiten over night two weeks before your composite bonding.

Do your teeth need to be shaved down?

Nope! This isn’t the same as porcelain veneers. Composite Bonding is basically like shellac on your nails, but for your teeth. So bonding is placed over your current tooth’s shape and size.

Do they stain?

Composite veneers stain just like your normal teeth, so a white-based diet is always best. Aka don’t drink red wine, coffee etc in excess. Everything in moderation.

Do they feel weird in your mouth?

Not at all! Everyone is different but I’ve found them perfectly normal. Of course I notice my teeth feel slightly bigger but they don’t feel too big or too awkward.

Please see Dental Options for more info HERE.


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