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WATCH: Lucy Fitz hits back at cyber bullies after internet trolls slam her Instagram videos

The Limerick blogger admitted she felt 'worthless' and 'down'


Irish blogger Lucy Fitz has shared an empowering video – after she was subject to hate online.

The Limerick star went viral when a video she shared opening her Leaving Cert results live got over 100k views.

But while she received praise from most people online, Lucy was faced with negative comments on social media sites after she asked for a job on her Instagram stories.

Lucy Fitz at The Gossies 2019 | Brian McEvoy

Faced with the worry that she may never go to college after CAO informed her they couldn’t offer her a course, Lucy asked if anyone following her could give her a marketing job.

Given that the teenager has already launched a sold-out Inglot palette, successfully ran Lucy Fitz events and has worked with multiple brands – it wasn’t a surprise that she quickly received job offers.

Sharing a YouTube video in response to all the hate, Lucy said she felt “worthless” and “down” when she saw the horrible comments online.


“My head was messed up, not knowing what to do with myself, not knowing where I was going to go in life,” she admitted.

“At that time I was planning on getting a full-time job…I think that got a lot of negative publicity.


Lucy admitted that of course others who have completed college degrees would deserve a job over her, “but there’s no denying it I have been in the business world for more than 4 years. I have marketed my own makeup palette. It’s sold out,” she explained.

“I came up with the product myself, the design myself, and I marketed it so it will sell out.”

Lucy Fitz launched her own Inglot palette

“I didn’t take any of the job offers because I know myself I wouldn’t be able to deal with the hate I would get if I did take a job.

“I’m not one to be able to deal with hate and negative comments about myself. It actually really gets into my head, it upsets me.

“I was really, really low and down about it. People are tweeting about me really, really harshly. People said some really really mean things,” she explained.

Lucy then hit back at online trolls who felt they had a right to say such horrible things about her.

Lucy created a palette with Inglot Ireland

“I am a true believer no matter who you are, no matter if you have 2 followers or 10 billion followers, I don’t think anyone should be told to accept hate and just deal with it.

“I get comments ‘you’re in the public eye you have to deal with hate’… that’s just not right, that’s really not right.

“No person in this world should have to keep quiet if they’re getting hated on. I don’t think I deserved all the hate I got to be honest.”

Speaking about her mental health, Lucy highlighted the fact that young people have taken their lives after dealing with cyberbullying.

“I’m not the strongest person, you need to think that there’s people out there taking their own lives because of cyberbullying and mean comments about them online.

Lucy wins Best Social media Star at The Gossies 2019

“Yet people are still continuing to do that. What if I was a really weak person and felt like I had no one in life, what if I was to take my own life, and then you’re the same person saying ‘people need to stop hating online’.

“If you’ve nothing nice to say then don’t saying anything at all. It really really upset me, it affected me in a bad way last night I felt really really down.

“I felt worthless I felt stupid, I just wanted to give in the towel reading those comments. I feel better today but I’m not putting up with it anymore.

“I’m someone’s child, I’m someone’s grandchild, I’m someone’s friend, someone’s cousin, someone’s girlfriend.

“I’m someone to my family, friends and boyfriend and everyone else. Imagine if your best friend was getting the hate I got online…how would you feel if your loved one was getting that hate,” she added.