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WATCH: Gardai remove locked up bike – as it’s deemed in the way of Royal visit

Make sure to keep on your bikes today


We all know the Royal Visit to Dublin this week is of upmost importance – but we didn’t realise personal property could be at risk.

As Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been busy visiting the capital most of Dublin’s main streets have, at some stage or another, have been blocked off.

But today someone lost their bicycle when a Garda clearly deemed it was in the way of the Royals getting through town.

A member of the Gardai was filmed using an angle grinder to cut away the bike’s lock, so to move it out of the way. Take a look:

Since the video went viral, the Gardai have since released a statement apologising.

“We removed two bikes on Camden Street today,” a statement read.

“We took them to Pearse Street Garda station where the owners can collect them. We cut the locks – the state will fully reimburse the owners for the locks.

“Part of the operation for the VIPs in Dublin. The bikes were not all over Camden Street they were right next to where the VIP was visiting.

“They were a potential hazard on that basis of their proximity to the entrance we removed them. Allowed to under Section 21 of the Public Order Act.

“We apologise to the two people involved,” they added.