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Vogue Williams reveals she almost got plastic surgery

Vogue Williams has revealed she almost got plastic surgery.

The 36-year-old is set to host a new body positive show called Send Nudes: Body SOS, which will follow contestants who want to go under the knife.

Ahead of the show’s premiere, the mum-of-three admitted she previously considered getting a boob job.

She told the Irish Examiner: “When I was young, I’d say the one thing was that I had tiny boobs. I went through all the big padded bras that you’d throw on the ground and they’d literally make a thud, and there was always that.”

“But when I had my knee operation, it was the first operation I’d ever had. And I just thought to myself: never, ever again am I going to have an operation if I don’t need to, because I couldn’t believe the recovery on it. I was just in bits.”

“The anaesthetic did not go down well with me, and I just wouldn’t want to have to put myself in that position.”

“So I’m going to pop back to Victoria’s Secret, get one of their double padded bras. You know those ones that there’s literally no room for boob? That’ll be grand.”

According to E4, Send Nudes will offer “people with very personal body hang-ups, the opportunity to look into the possible future, via 3D animated avatars, to show them an ideal of what they could look like if they went ahead with their desire for cosmetic surgery”.

“However, they won’t be alone, as they’ll be supported by presenter Vogue Williams in the studio, and a diverse panel of 50 people from across the country.”

“The panel will get sent the individual’s ‘nudes’, and add their honest feedback into the mix as the contributor looks to make a very big decision.”

The “warm-hearted” 10-part series, which begins next week, promises it “will put the body hang-ups we all share on show, celebrating our differences, and showing these contributors, whether they decide to have surgery or not, that there’s no such thing as ‘normal’.”


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Speaking about the series, Vogue said: “Our show is a body positive show. It’s about trying to get people to see what they look like and see themselves in a different light before going down a route of surgery. Trying to empower people to really be OK with the way they look and realising, actually, you look amazing the way you are.”

“I think some people really believe that surgery is the only option for them. So some people go down the surgery route, maybe haven’t looked into it properly, don’t know the risks, don’t know things that are going to happen, don’t know the down time after having surgery.”

“We give them all those facts. And we also show them what they would look like after the surgery. And sometimes, a lot of the time, it’s not what they wanted.”

“And so they could have been in a position where they would have wanted to go and get the surgery, got it done, and then be like: ‘What have I done? This looks absolutely terrible’. So at least this way they can see what they look like. It is like a ‘try before you buy’.”

Send Nudes: Body SOS starts on E4 at 10.15pm on Wednesday, August 31.


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