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Vogue Williams admits she regrets not confronting ‘the other woman’ after being cheated on in the past

Vogue Williams has opened up about being cheated on in a past relationship.

The TV presenter reflected on the heartbreaking experience during the latest episode of her podcast My Therapist Ghosted Me, which she hosts with Joanne McNally.

Vogue told listeners that she felt like an “idiot” when she found out, and “so disrespected”.

The mother-of-two explained that she was cheated on in the past, but didn’t find out until after they had broken up.

“I actually got cheated on and one of the things I really regret… I saw one of the girls that he had cheated on me with, and I’m raging I didn’t go up to her and be like…”

“I was just going to be like to her, ‘You knew that he was in a relationship and you still did that.’ And I kinda regret not doing that…”

“Then I saw something about her, and I honestly had twitchy fingers to be like, ‘Oh, well how would you like if he cheated on you?'”

“He was a complete wanker,” Vogue continued.

“I find [cheating] outrageous! Even finding out after you’re still like, ‘Aw man!’

“You feel like an idiot, you feel so disrespected, and you just feel like, ‘You know what? I’m f***ing brilliant – why did you do that to me?'”

“But then actually, as years go on… and you look back, you’ll be like thank you, thank you! Get them a thank you letter and thank them for cheating on you. Because I am so thankful.”

Vogue is now happily married to former Made In Chelsea star Spencer Matthews, and the couple are currently expecting their third child.

The pair wed back in 2018, and are parents to son Theodore and daughter Gigi.

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