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Tom Jones on Danny O'Donohue: 'We get on great'


Welsh singer Tom Jones has opened up about his friendship with The Script frontman Danny O’Donoghue.

Speaking about the bands upcoming gig in Croke Park, Tom believes his former Voice UK colleague has the BBC show to thank for his success.

“We got on great me and Danny,” he said.


Friends: Tom revealed him and The Scripts Danny O’Donohue are good friends

“Danny said when he was on the Voice the reason he came on there is to get his face in the place,

“A lot of people knew who The Script were but they didn’t necessarily know who Danny O’Donoghue was by name and I think his personality came across so strong on The Voice that I think it lifted the whole thing up,” he told Ray D’Arcy on RTE Radio One.

“It’s proved it because they’ve become so successful since Danny did it so good luck to him, God bless him.”

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The legendary singer who is in Dublin for a string of sell-out shows revealed he was spotted in the park by passer-bys even though he was in disguise.

“Yeah, some people said ‘Hello Tom’ – it’s strange because I’ve a baseball cap and I’ve got sunglasses on and I’ve got a black tracksuit – y’know I’m walking with two other fellows and some girl said ‘Hello Tom’ and it happened a few times and I thought ‘How the hell do they know?'” he laughed.

“It was very nice – people have great respect [in Ireland], they don’t clamour over you, they let you get about your business.”