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The Most Heartwarming Moments In Late Late Toy Show History

It’s Late Late Toy Show week!

Ryan Tubridy will be back on our screens this Friday, November 26th for what’s bound to be yet another fun-filled and tear-jerking show.

Ahead of the highly anticipated show, we have taken a look back at some of the most heartwarming moments in Toy Show history.

Adam King’s virtual hug

Adam King’s appearance on The Late Late Toy Show last year was one of the most memorable of the night.

The young boy, who suffers from Brittle Bones, melted the hearts of the nation with his sweet gesture upon meeting Ryan Tubridy, sharing with him his handmade ‘Hug For You’ heart.

Viewers were moved to tears by Adam’s excitement after being reunited with John Doyle, a hospital porter who made his visits to Temple Street’s Children’s Hospital.

Dermot Kennedy surprises fan Michael

One of our favourite moments from last year’s Toy Show was when Dermot Kennedy surprised Michael Moloney.

The teenager is a huge fan of the singer, and appeared on the show to perform a version of his hit song Giants – which he dedicated to his late father.

Mid-chorus, Michael was flabbergasted when Dermot appeared on stage to sing with him.

Dermot also surprised the delighted teen with a recording session in Windmill Lane studios, and gave him a signed guitar backstage. What a legend!

Saoirse Ruane’s Golden Ticket

Eight-year-old Saoirse Ruane from Galway captured the hearts of the nation on last year’s Late Late Toy Show.

The brave young girl began suffering from a sore ankle in 2019 and after developing a limp, went to the doctors to run some tests. Saoirse was unfortunately diagnosed with a tumour, resulting in her leg being amputated.

She shared her story with Ryan Tubridy, who helped her to fulfil her three wishes. Her first wish was to appear on the Toy Show. Her second dream was to be walking by Christmas, leaving Ryan and viewers in awe as she stood up and took some steps on stage.

Finally, Saoirse wished to go on a family holiday when the coronavirus pandemic was over, with Ryan handing her a Golden Ticket for a trip of a lifetime to Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

When Ryan surprised Mia Farrell with a trip to Legoland

Back in 2017, viewers were in tears when host Ryan Tubridy highlighted the housing crisis in Ireland.

A young girl named Mia was invited on the show, and she explained that she lives in a crowded house with her extended family – because her mother can’t afford their own home.

Ryan then surprised her with a free trip to Legoland, thanks to Aer Lingus.

When Michael from Kerry met his hero Davy Fitz

There’s always so many stand out moments from the Late Late Toy Show, and this one from 2018 was pretty special.

Kerry native Michael O’Brien stole the hearts of the nation when he met his GAA hero Davy Fitz.

Ryan also surprised the 11-year-old with All Ireland final tickets.

When Ryan reunited two kids with their father 

One of our favourite Toy Show moments has to be when Ryan reunited the Burke family.

Admitting to the audience that this was his “favourite surprise”, Ryan hid father-of-two Graham Burke, who works for the armed-forces in Mali, in a huge Christmas present.

Graham then jumped out to surprise his two kids Adam and Kayla, leaving viewers in floods of tears.

Sophia Maher’s incredible anti-bullying message 

Sophia Maher won the hearts of the nation last year, when she spoke about bullying on the Toy Show.

The 8-year-old told Ryan about the bullying she faces daily because of her cropped hair cut, and he reminded her that “difference is a badge of honour”.

Sophia also urged other kids watching: “Don’t let the bullies stop you from doing the things that you want to do, because life would just suck if everyone was the same.”

When Ryan surprised ‘hero’ Scott – who saved his cousin’s life

Back in 2018, a young boy named Scott was dubbed a hero following his appearance on the Toy Show.

Ryan revealed how Scott from Athlone underwent a bone marrow transplant to save his little cousin Grace, as she was suffering from leukaemia.

Scott was treated to an on-air meet and greet with his favourite rugby stars – including Rob Kearney, who said Scott was the “real hero” in the room.

After bringing the entire family and their cousins on set, Ryan also surprised them with a trip Orlando, Florida.

When the Toy Show reunited another family for Christmas

Last year, the Late Late Toy Show reunited another family for Christmas by flying 24-year-old Alex home from Australia.

Her younger brother Lee was demonstrating a bike on the show when he was surprised by his sister, who he hadn’t seen in three years.

When Ryan surprised little Sophie with a well-deserved trip

On last year’s Toy Show, viewers were moved by a young girl named Sophie, who revealed her 5-year-old brother Cian was in hospital with leukaemia.

Sophie then burst into tears when Ryan surprised her with a trip to London to see her favourite musical School of Rock, as well as a trip to visit the Harry Potter studios.

Viewers were left in floods of tears as Ryan told her: “If I was Cian, I’d want a big sister like you.”

Tom Cullen and his beloved Nanny Pat

Another sweet moment from last year’s Toy Show was when eight-year-old Tom Cullen appeared on the programme with his beloved Nanny Pat.

After Tom gushed about spending time with his grandmother, Nanny Pat made a surprise appearance on the show – warming the hearts of the nation.

When Ed Sheeran surprised Aimee Keogh

One of the most memorable moments from the Toy Show has to be when Aimee Keogh was surprised by her idol Ed Sheeran back in 2014.

Aimee got the chance to sing with Ed, and he also announced that he was going to fly her and her family to London to attend one of his O2 concerts.

Three years later, Aimee was invited to sit in the audience during Ed’s appearance on The Late Late Show, where they both reflected on the emotional moment.

When little Domhnall met his hero Robbie Keane

Back in 2013, Domhnall Ó Confhaol from Connemara was surprised by his hero Robbie Keane, while he was recovering from an operation on his Achilles tendon.

Ryan asked Domhnall what he would say to Robbie if he met him, and he said: “I’d hope he’d be better quick, because I think we really need him for the 2016 Euros… he’s like the main man for us.”

Robbie then appeared onstage, leaving the eight-year-old in disbelief.


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