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Thalia Heffernan responds to speculation she’s had ‘work done’

The model has set the record straight


Thalia Heffernan has responded to speculation she’s had “work done” on her face.

Taking part in a new trend on Instagram, the 25-year-old asked her followers to share their assumptions about her.

After a follower said people assume she’s had work done, the model set the record straight.

Thalia Heffernan | Anthony Woods

Thalia replied: “No, I haven’t had work done. People love to assume, as my lips are actually uneven.”

“This is because I had an accident when I was 9 and have a lump of scar tissue as a result.”

Sharing an old photo of her injured lip, the influencer explained: “I was so lucky that when it happened there was a plastic surgeon on duty who stitched me up.”

“I was in Spain on an exchange and 48 hours in I ended up in A&E. I fell over my own foot. Told you I was awkward.”

The Dublin native, who has been modelling since she was 15, also opened up about being “slagged” in school for being tall.

After a follower assumed she’s “always loved” her height, Thalia replied: “False, sadly. I used to be slagged a lot as a kid and I found it hard not to listen to the negativity.”

“I was definitely a lanky, awkward, chubby cheeked kid who was prone to plenty of taunting so I struggled with that.”

“I grew to understand I’m lucky, but still sometimes wish I wasn’t my height. Sure, other days then I wish I was taller so it changes day by day,” she added.