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Take a look inside Louise Cooney’s new Dublin apartment

The Limerick native made the move on Monday


Louise Cooney has given her followers a tour of her new Dublin apartment.

The Irish influencer made the move on Monday, after spending lockdown at her family’s home in Limerick.

The 28-year-old has been documenting her move on her Instagram account, sharing photos of her stunning new home and doing homeware hauls.

The blogger uploaded a vlog to her YouTube channel earlier today, where she shared the exciting moment she stepped into her new home.

Louise has been sharing snaps inside her new apartment to Instagram
Louise has opted for minimalist decor

Louise has moved in with her pooch Cooper, with a housemate set to move in on Friday.

The apartment has a balcony which is perfect for her adorable Dachshund, and Louise revealed she has even bought fake grass to put outside for him.

The Limerick native admitted the apartment was a work in progress, as she awaits more deliveries for her home.

Louise revealed her outdoor balcony area, perfect for her dog Cooper

“Obviously I have ordered a TV. I’m going to start ordering different pieces of furniture for my room as well – a bookshelf for shoes, and shelving units for the bottom of my wardrobe…” she explained.

“I’m so excited now for this year, just being here. It’s almost that same feeling I had when I went to New York, but this time it feels more realistic.

“So yeah, I’m just really happy,” Louise admitted, before concluding the vlog.