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Stefanie Preissner marries Noel Byrne in intimate ceremony

Stefanie Preissner has married her fiancé Noel Byrne in an intimate ceremony.

The couple tied the knot in Dublin on Friday with just 30 guests in attendance due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Speaking to The Sunday Independent, Stefanie said: “All these bells and whistles are lovely but I am very laid back about the whole thing and just wanted to be married.”

“What works is that Noel and I are so compatible: we are like two little jigsaw pieces that just fit together because his strengths complement my weaknesses; my strengths complement his weaknesses,” the writer explained.

“I don’t like gatherings of any description but I am happy to see people I haven’t seen since 2019. I definitely want to be married but getting married is a bit of a stressful process.”

“My priority is home and family. The fact I can gather together all the people I love and who love me to show them that I am introducing a new person to my family and for Noel to introduce me to his family is what our wedding is all about.”


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