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Cheer up: Ryan Tubridy wishes he lived in the 1920s – away from all the 'bullshit'

Miserable Ryan Tubridy has revealed he is utterly fed up with modern technology – and wishes he lived in the 1920s.

The Late Late Show host is annoyed that no-one speaks to each other any more, claiming people are just using the internet.

He said: “I still want to find a time machine where it will take me to 1920 where I can be born again and forget that this modern stuff all exists, because it’s getting out of control.”

And Tubs – who used to be a major Twitter user until quitting after being abused online – feels shaking someone’s hand will soon be seen as “bulls***”.

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Love: But Tubs would miss girlfriend Aiobhinn if he lived in the 1920s

He said: “It’s just too much of everything, there’s too much communication.

“I think I’m in the minority about this and there are people are really excited about this, ‘It’s great, it’s the future they’ll say’.

“No long do we need to talk to each other, shake hands, eyeball each other – that’s all bullshit now because we can do everything by remote.

“You don’t have to see your granny, you don’t have to look at anyone, you can email, you can tweet, you can Skype, you and Whatsapp… it’s getting out of control and I’m not liking it.”


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