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Roz Purcell opens up about recovering from an eating disorder in the public eye

"I was about to have a breakdown"


Hike Life entrepreneur Roz Purcell has opened up about the difficulties of recovering from her eating disorder while being in the public eye.

The model and wellness influencer has spoken candidly about her past battle with an eating disorder.

Roz revealed that while she was in the grips of her disorder, she had a warped view of her body, and avoided sharing photos of herself.

“I guess if I scroll down to [that time], I didn’t post a lot about myself. I posted lots of photos of food and recipes and other people,” she told Evoke.ie.

“I hated every photo of myself. I remember at the time I looked so big, but I look now at the size of my arm, and I had a very warped view.”

Part of Roz’s recovery involved restoring her weight to a healthy level, but it was tough for the model and Miss World contestant.

“It was hard to put on weight and see my body change in front of everyone.”

“And anyone who has suffered with a disorder will tell you, putting on weight is the really difficult thing, especially when you’re doing photocalls all day.”

In the midst of her disorder, Roz was undertaking punishing exercise regimens and fueling her body with Diet Coke and broccoli, according to the publication.

“I do love training, but it was at a level that wasn’t good for me,” she said.

“I was about to have a breakdown. My body was falling apart.”

Roz has since committed herself to sharing a healthy lifestyle and promoting body positivity via her social media.

Roz recently discussed her past with disordered eating on The Gosscast.