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Rosie Connolly reveals how she deals with online trolling: ‘I’ve learned the hard way’

Rosie Connolly has revealed how she deals with online trolling on social media.

The Dublin native has gained over 360k followers on Instagram over the past few years, and has had to deal with her fair share of negative comments.

But over the years, the mum-of-two has learned not to “entertain” the trolls to protect her own head space.

Speaking to at the launch of One4all’s ‘Shop4Crumlin’ campaign, Rosie was asked if she thinks online trolling got worse during the coronavirus lockdowns.

The 31-year-old said: “I don’t know to be honest, I  don’t get that many anymore on my Instagram I think just ’cause I don’t entertain them…”

“So I think if there is trolling it’s not going on within my eye line so I just let it be, I don’t seek out trolling or try and find things written about me.”

“I just don’t think it’s good for your mental health to be totally honest.”

“I think the lockdown has been hard for everybody so I think if people are feeing a little bit more miserable it might trigger it, but personally I’m feeling quite lucky that it
doesn’t really… I haven’t gotten a lot more than usual,” Rosie said.

“I think it comes part and parcel with the job, you’re going to get a certain amount of them, but once it’s not in my vicinity and it’s not in my inbox or in my eye line then I don’t really pay attention…”

“I think I’ve learnt that the hard way that there’s no point seeking out things written about you because all it does is upset you.”

“So it’s all about protecting your own space, and I personally haven’t felt a change in it but maybe I’m wrong.”


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