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Rosanna Davison on Playboy's decision to print no more nudes: 'It's a turning point'


Rosanna Davison has said it’s “huge decision” for Playboy to stop printing photographs of naked women.

Ireland’s only Playboy covergirl, who posed for the German edition of the magazine in 2012, admitted she’s happy she did it.

“I can understand why the magazine has had to make this huge decision, and it obviously represents a big turning point for the brand,” she said.


Decision: Rosanna revealed she was glad she made the decision to pose for Playboy | PATRICK O’LEARY

“The print media needs to evolve alongside the fast pace of the internet.”

“I’m still glad that I made the decision to pose for Playboy when I did, and it’s been an iconic brand for decades, so I’m interested to see which direction they’ll be taking it now,” she admitted.

The decision for the publication to scrap nude photos comes after founder and editor-in-chief Hugh Hefner believed they can no longer compete with the access to nude images on the internet.

The magazine has had a wealth of famous faces on the cover from Marilyn Monroe to Kate Moss and former Miss World Rosanna admitted she felt empowered doing her shoot.

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Naked: Rosanna admitted she loved being naked for her Playboy shoot | VIPIRELAND.COM

“Doing Playboy was so empowering, because I felt happy in my own skin, and baring my body like that forced me to face my own insecurities,” she divulged.

“I loved being naked for it. I also worked hard to get in shape for it, so I felt confident.

“The vast majority of women were extremely positive and supportive. At least, they certainly didn’t say it to my face if they weren’t,” she said.

The blonde bombshell enjoyed her experience so much she revealed she wouldn’t rule out another shoot for the iconic publication.


Happy: Rosanna revealed she enjoyed the whole Playboy experience | VIPIRELAND.COM

“I really enjoyed the whole thing. I don’t feel shy any more about showing off my body,” she admitted.

“I think people can be very prudish. I work in Germany a lot and it is less of a big deal, so I’d consider doing it again.”

“We are all similar, have the same bits and pieces, I was brought up like that really,” she told the Herald.

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