Niall Horan admits he ‘struggles to relax in Ireland’

The singer is from Mullingar, Westmeath


Niall Horan has admitted that he struggles to relax at home in Ireland.

The Mullingar native has left his home town and moved to London since his began his music career with One Direction.

“With Ireland as small as it is, I struggle to completely relax,” he said.

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This Town: Niall admitted he struggles to relax when he’s home in Mullingar because Ireland is so small | VIPIRELAND.COM

In an open letter to his fans through his monthly newsletter, the singer revealed that he would be coming home for Christmas – but after, he will be back working on his new debut solo album.

“I haven’t been home since last Christmas so I miss everyone and hopefully this year I’ll get to spend some quality time with family and friends,” he wrote.

“I really do wish I could spend more time at home but with Ireland as small as it is, I struggle to completely relax. So fingers crossed because I miss that place a lot.”

The singer also warned fans that he’s going to “disappear” for a while after Christmas.

“After Christmas I’m going to fall off the face of the Earth and do one of my disappearing acts. I want to come up with more song ideas and get back in the writing zone.”