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Nadia Forde: 'I'm moving away with Dom – and I feel pressure to have kids'

Nadia Forde has confirmed that she will move away with her rugby player boyfriend Dominic Day, and that she’s already feeling the pressure to have kids.

The 26-year-old spoke to at the launch of Fulfil, the world’s first vitamin and protein snack bar, and revealed that she will definitely move with Dom as it was recently revealed that he could be getting offers from clubs based in Japan or France next season.

“I’ve kinda just said to him like, ‘look you need to make the right decision for you’, and he’s like ‘oh, will you come with me?’ and I’m like ‘yeah, of course I will’,” she admitted.



New beginnings: Nadia spoke to us today at the launch of the Fulfil bar | PATRICK O’LEARY

“It will be amazing because its not going to be too different from what I do right now, like with my job its always, I kinda go to where the work is.

“I think no matter where he goes, I’m always going to be back and forth and that doesn’t matter, even when rugby is over for him I’m still going to travel for work, it’s just the nature of what I do.

Although Nadia admitted that Japan would be incredibly different to what she’s used to, she stressed that it wouldn’t have any affect on her and Dom’s relationship as they’re already used to that kind of schedule.

“In one year I was in Miami and then Australia, you know, so it doesn’t really matter where I’m based, but yeah obviously you know Japan would be very different.

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Love: Nadia admits the pair are used to spending time apart due to their schedules | INSTAGRAM

“The really good thing about myself and Dom is that we weirdly enough have similar jobs – like he has to travel to go to camp for the Six Nations, and I have to travel to work, so for me to go ‘ok, I’ll see you in a weeks time’, its not a big deal,” she told

On the topic of having children in the near future, the brunette beauty admitted that although she is “broody”, she was adamant that she won’t be having kids anytime soon.

“Of course I’m broody.

“I have those moments but I’m just not really there in my life at all yet, and I don’t think Dom is either, I feel like just a little bit more time with just the two of us and then we’ll see down the line, but right now no.

“As much as I’m like ‘I love babies!’, if it happened to me now I’d be like ‘what?!’,” she laughed.


Broody: Nadia admitted she does feel pressure to have kids | INSTAGRAM

While Nadia admitted that she definitely won’t be expecting anytime soon, she does feel pressure to have children due to a lot of her friends having already started families.

“I do feel like theres a lot of pressure for women at the moment to have babies at a certain age and stuff like that, and I think the world is changing.

“There is a lot of pressure and I think everybody needs to go by their own journey, just because I’m with somebody now – you know you just don’t know what’s gonna happen,” she added.


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