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Michaella McCollum’s ‘homecoming party’ SLAMMED: ‘She’s a minor celebrity’

Convicted drug smuggler Michaella McCollum enjoyed a welcome home party this weekend – and people aren’t too happy about it.

The high-profile drug mile landed back in Dublin on Saturday after finally travelling home from Lima, Peru, where she was on parole after serving half of her sentence in prison.

After heading back home to Tyrone, the Belfast Telegraph reports Michaella had a huge party with friends and family.

michaella RTE

Back: Michaella was filmed arriving in Dublin | RTE

And local politician Lord Morrow hit out at the fuss surrounding her return.

“This is the return of a convicted criminal yet a great deal of the publicity which appears to surround her currently resembles a minor celebrity,” he said.

“The harm caused by the drugs she attempted to smuggle affects communities everywhere and that should not be forgotten.

“A question which remains is whether her return will be followed by attempts to remain in the public eye, or even to profit from the notoriety she achieved with her crimes,” he added.

michaella RTE2

Slammed: Michaella had a homecoming party

“The focus should be on the victims of drug abuse in our society and not those who contributed to their harm.”

Michaella was photographed and filmed by press as she arrived in Dublin airport this weekend.

With previous rumours she was in talks to enter the Big Brother House, Michaella is tipped for reality TV.


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